Never Forget

"...If I were to think of the one thing that we would like…. that would be “to be remembered.,” …..that our service and sacrifices would not be forgotten….that everyone, including future generations would understand and remember what it has taken through the years to enjoy the freedoms we take for granted every day. We just want to know that what we have done to serve had value, and that our time on this earth has meaning. It certainly does to those who are closest to us, but it should also be that way for everyone else that gets to live in this free country.


To my point: One way to show appreciation to all those who have served and sacrificed through the years, is by preserving those iconic structures and symbols that pay homage to the greatness of our country and to the warriors who have given so much. Our building is the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, situated in the heart of our beautiful community, and erected over 50 years ago to honor our war veterans. I’ll just address what it means to those it honors. Yes, much like our flag, the Veterans Memorial Coliseum has seen years of service, and yes, she is showing wear and tear and in need of some attention. But, even as you stand outside and look at her today, she is beautiful. She is an iconic monument to so many, representing the best of our community in so many ways, and she has a place in history right where she is. She needs work, but means so much to our Veterans, their families, and all those who are grateful for what this structure stands for. Once she receives the attention she needs, she will continue to stand well into the future as a beacon of freedom to remind us all what should be most important in our lives… and that the spirit of freedom that exists in our people, and the lengths they’ve gone to, and the sacrifices they have made will continue to be honored, and remembered."


Ronald Carr, USN (retired)
Testimony (partial) - Portland City Council, October 8, 2014. For full testimony, please click here.

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